Our Story

Our design focused around ensuring the performance of the coupling, ensuring there was nothing that would compromise the release and re-connection of the assembly


The Idea

The D-Teq Quick release mechanism was designed and manufactured without compromise. The triangular connection between the hub & boss provides the highest level of strength and feedback to the steering wheel.

No delicate connection mechanism and a large release ring, the brief was simple, deliver the the product to feedback to the driver, every time, every turn.

Style & Quality

Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom, components and assemblies go through rigorous safety and inspection to ensure each product delivers.

Manufactured from EN3B Steel & Sigmachip T66 from a UK Supply chain, we are so proud of our product we put our name on it 6 times.



Using the latest CNC Technology our components are machined by experts in their field. Machined to exacting tolerances, passing rigorous inspection & performance testing.

Our investment in the latest CNC machines and inspection equipment ensures your delivers every time.